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Tips To Get Recruited For Football

Written By: Gridiron Elite Training

get recruited consulting

Tips To Get Recruited For Football

Written By: Gridiron Elite Training

College football coaches are always looking to recruit football players who will directly impact their teams. There are many moving parts in the college football recruiting process; all schools recruit players differently. Each school has positions that need to be filled, a specific measurable they look for per position, and many other factors that play into who they want to offer scholarships to. Learn how you can get recruited to play college football. 

With over 1 million high school football players, only about 6% (just over 70,000) will get the opportunity to play college football in the NCAA. This means the chances of you playing at the next level are slim, so you need to start working on increasing your exposure immediately.

We want to give you the right tools and resources to accomplish your goals and reach that next level successfully.

To help you, below are ten tips to get recruited for football.

Tips To Get Recruited For Football - How To Get Offered A Scholarship

how to play college football without a scholarship

Get Recruited For Football Tip #1
Stay On Top Of Your Grades

Often, we see athletes with all the talent in the world but cannot reach the next level. Why is that? The answer is academics. Even though you have all the talent in the world, athletic talent alone will not get you a scholarship.

If your grades are low and you fail classes, no coach will offer you a scholarship. Your academics matter a lot! Coaches want athletes not only with great athletic ability but also who have excellent grades in the classroom. 

Get Recruited For Football Tip #2
Take The Approved Required Courses

Every high school football player needs to take a certain number of math, English, science, and social science classes to be approved.

Speak with your guidance counselor to ensure that all the classes you’ve taken meet the NCAA core course requirements. All high school football players must pass 16 core courses in high school and complete at least ten by the end of their junior year.

Get Recruited For Football Tip #3
Research Schools To Find Your Best Fit

What is the most important workout for football

Do as much research on the university as possible to ensure that college is the right fit for you!

Research what schools you’d want to attend, and look at their academics, location, and anything else that you’d be looking for when choosing a college to attend. You can organize your list based on the favorite schools you want to participate in vs. the less interested ones.

As you continue the college football recruiting process, you can adjust your list after speaking with the coaches recruiting you. Be realistic with the schools you choose. Of course, it would be amazing to attend Alabama or Georgia. Unless you’re a 5-star recruit with top-level talent, you may want to start smaller.

Of course, nothing is impossible, but we want you to be realistic in your approach to the recruiting process and find the right fit for you.

Get Recruited For Football Tip #4
Create Your Highlight Film On Hudl

create your highlight film for football recruiting

You want to showcase your ability to college coaches. When creating your highlight film, you might not know where to begin. Always include your contact info, the position(s) you play, your GPA, and your test scores. 

Also, keep your highlight film short and highlight yourself in every play. Don’t make your highlight film 10+ minutes long, as coaches don’t have the time to watch 10 minutes’ worth of your highlights. Highlighting yourself on every play makes it easier for the coaches to evaluate you and know where you’re at on every play instead of looking and guessing where you’re at. 

Get Recruited For Football Tip #5
Understand How The Recruiting Process Works

how to get ranked in football

College football coaches need to follow specific guidelines during the recruiting process. This includes when they can contact you and how they can contact you. If you want to understand more about “the contact periods for recruiting, you can check out the official NCAA website here.”

You don’t want to contact coaches who cannot contact you. The more you understand how the recruiting process works, the better your chances of receiving a football scholarship. 

Get Recruited For Football Tip #6
Get In Touch With College Coaches

We live in a time filled with social media (being an enormous influence in recruiting), text messages, and emails. A great approach to building a relationship with a program is by reaching out to college football coaches yourself. Based on proven research, studies show that the average college coach receives less than ten phone calls from recruits a week, or less! 

Take the time out of your day to contact college coaches. It is a great way to stand out from the other recruits and get some attention! 

How do you get the coach’s number? We built out a database that includes every college football coach’s contact information here: “Gridiron College Coach Contact Database.” 

Get Recruited For Football Tip #7
Attend The Universities One Day Football Camp

American Football camps

This is the best way for you to get exposure from college football coaches and get recruited. It would be best if you planned when you would take a trip to each university to attend their one-day or three-day football camp.

Many college football programs hold a one-day camp or another camp that will last a couple of days. This is the best recruiting tool for college coaches. This gives football coaches the time to observe every recruit in person. Alabama Crimson TideUSC Trojans, and Oregon Ducks are just some of the universities that hold competitive one-day football camps.

What better way to get exposure from college football coaches than showing your skills and talents on their campus? And what better way to decide if that school will be the right fit for you?

According to Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban, he said, “It’s important to see a guy in person. It has been minimized dramatically for the head coach not being able to go out for spring recruiting. For me to see a guy, I can only see them if they come to our camp.”

Football camps can help you obtain a college football scholarship because it allows the coaches at that school to get an in-person look at you so they can see your football skills and athleticism up front. They will also examine how you conduct yourself, react to plays, work hard, and develop leadership skills. Football camps have increased in popularity and many college football coaches won’t offer athletes until they see them up front in person. That’s why you need to attend as many camps as possible. 

Get Recruited For Football Tip #8
Train and Practice Smart and Hard!

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You must prepare yourself with the proper training in the offseason by working on your speed, agility, and explosiveness. Hence, you’re ready to compete against the best football players around the country.

As a high school athlete, it’s easy to get sucked into just focusing on bringing stronger and only lifting weights. Of course, you should never neglect your strength training for football, but if you’re not working on developing your explosive speed and agility, you’ll be a step behind when you attend a college football camp.

Preparing your athleticism in the offseason will get you on the right track for a long successful football career.

Get Recruited For Football Tip #9
Learn To Be Patient

Be patient with the recruiting process. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back from a coach. Also, don’t keep messaging the coach repeatedly. If you don’t hear from them right away, wait a few days and be patient. 

You can send another message as a follow-up after a few days or one week. Be mindful of the time in which you send your messages, don’t send your message at midnight, but you can send your first message at 6 pm their time and then try again at a different time, either 2 hours before or after you sent the first message to catch them at a better time.

If you hear from their coach, be sure to ask what is the best way to stay in contact with them or if another form of communication would be more accessible for you to update them on new highlight clips or any recent news about your recruiting.

Get Recruited For Football Tip #10
You Need To Be Realistic

list of college football camps

As a high school football student-athlete, you need to be realistic and zone in on which college football programs will be the best fit for you. Of course, you may want to attend an SEC or top 5 major programs. 

There is nothing wrong with setting goals and shooting for the stars. That said, it’s good to lay out all your options and research which schools will give you the best opportunity to play college football. 

You want to choose which university will be the right fit for you to attend your four years of school to obtain your degree and succeed. 

Final Tips To Get Recruited For Football

Here are the top 10 tips to get recruited for football. We want to give you all the correct advice and materials to reach the next level.

Suppose you’re still wondering how to get offered a scholarship for football, and you need more tips on maximizing your chances of getting a college football scholarship. In that case, you can read our latest posts on the “Best Football Camps For Exposure – Get Recruited” and “Best Football Recruiting Tips For Parents & Athletes.”

Suppose you’re a serious football player looking to play at the next level. You can access our sports performance training programs, football drills, workouts, and the Gridiron Recruiting Center inside “The Gridiron Academy” to help you with your football recruiting.

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