best youth football camps

Best Football Camps For Exposure

Written By: Gridiron Elite Training

best youth football camps

Best Football Camps For Exposure

Written By: Gridiron Elite Training

High School Football Recruits - Top Football Camps

Aside from shooting out your highlight tape to college football coaches, the most straightforward approach for high school football recruits to get exposure is to attend a camp or combine.

There are several football camps and combines you can decide from.

football recruiting camps

Best Football Camps For Recruiting

As an athlete, you need to be realistic and focus on which college football programs will fit you.

The best camp you can attend is the one-day college football camp. They are still regarded as the best football camps for high schoolers who want direct exposure.

Various One-Day College Football Camps

This is the best way for you to get exposure from college football coaches and get recruited.

It would be best if you planned when you’re going to take a trip to each university to attend their one-day or three-day football camp.

Every college football program holds a one-day or another camp that will last a couple of days.

This is the best recruiting tool for college coaches.

This gives football coaches the time to observe every recruit in person.

Alabama Crimson Tide, USC Trojans, and Oregon Ducks are just some universities that hold competitive one-day football camps.

What better way to get exposure from college football coaches than showing your skills and talents on their campus?

And what better way to decide if that school will be the right fit for you?

According to Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban, he said, “It’s important to see a guy in person. It has been minimized dramatically for the head coach not being able to go out for spring recruiting. For me to see a guy, I can only see them if they come to our camp.”

Rivals Camp Series

High School Football Recruits - rivals top football camps

Rivals have been the primary digital company to acknowledge high school football recruits for in-depth recruiting coverage and to produce it across the nation.

They revolutionized recruiting coverage by providing innovative options like national player rankings, online video highlights, searchable player-profile info, official visit lists, and recruited-by-coach.

Players can record times within the critical football testing areas: 40-yard dash, Pro Agility Test, 3-Cone Drill, Vertical Jump, and Broad Jump.

All players can receive a rival’s profile. The top elite performers can earn a camp spot in a close-by regional camp.

Participation is free for all high school football players. What better way to get exposure from coaches than showing your skills against the top high school football recruits in the nation?

Learn more about the Rivals Camp Series below.

VTO Sports Elite 100 Showcase

High School Football Recruits - vto sports top football camps

VTO Sports Elite 100 Showcase offers you the chance to showcase your abilities and skills on the gridiron against elite high school football recruits from around the region.

This can be an excellent chance to be coached by top-notch coaches.

Throughout the event, they offer athletes important information about data on NCAA eligibility, the recruiting method, and tools for improving their overall game.

Participation is a cost of $100 for all high school football recruits. 

Learn more about VTO Sports Elite 100 Showcase below.

National Underclassmen Combine (NUC)

High School Football Recruits - nuc top football camps

Every high school football recruit that competes at the NUC has the results sent to NCAA schools.

These results are from the combine testing and skills analysis reports.

This is essential information that the college football scouts at universities need to evaluate every football recruit.

The combine is for talented high school football players, ranging from running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, defensive backs, and linebackers. And yes, the camp consists of offensive and defensive linemen.

Quarterbacks will be put through specific drills and one-on-one passing.

One specific thing about NUC combines is the undeniable fact that athletes contend against athletes in their grades. For example, ninth graders go against ninth graders, tenth against tenth, and eleventh against eleventh compete against one another.

What better way to see where you stand against other high school football recruits than competing against athletes your age?

Learn more about the National Underclassmen Combine below.

U.S. Army All American Combine

High School Football Recruits - all american bowl top football camps

The US Army All-American Combine with the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, the army combine is the initial chance for the nation’s prime underclassmen to demonstrate their physical talent and contend against each other.

The Army All-American Bowl Week is in San Antonio, Texas, and options the nation’s prime underclassmen.

Like the NFL scouting combine, the national combine consists of tests and competitive drills.

Most importantly, athletes can receive lunch, bus transportation, and a price tag for attending the national army combine.

What better way to get exposure from the top coaches than feeling like you are in the pros?

Learn more about the U.S. Army All-American Combine below.

Elite 11 Regional QB Camp

High School Football Recruits - elite 11 top football camps

Founded in 1999, the Elite 11 Regional QB Camp is the country’s premier quarterback event.

The Elite 11 event alumni embrace twenty-four of the thirty-two current NFL beginning quarterbacks and twelve of the past thirteen quarterbacks who have hoisted the Heisman Trophy.

The price of the Elite 11 Regional QB camps, a part of the regional gap tour, is $50 and offers secure, skilled, and competitive surroundings for the game’s next category of quarterbacks.

Participants can get exposure and info that features testing and position-specific instruction by a number of the highest quarterback instructors in the nation.

Those who show the best talent level can earn a spot to contend at the Elite eleven Quarterback finals in June.

Learn more about the Elite 11 Regional Camp below.

Testing At Football Camps - Be Prepared
nike football camps
40 Yard Dash 

The 40-Yard Dash is a sprint covering 40 yards.

The purpose of testing the 40-Yard Dash is to gauge the speed and acceleration of athletes by scouts.

Additionally, for high school football recruits, your recorded time will impact your recruiting opportunities.

This was historically solely true for the “skill” positions like running backs, wide receivers, and defensive backs.

Today, a quick 40-Yard Dash time is necessary for nearly every position.

If you’re struggling to improve your 40-yard dash time, click here to learn more about our Flash Speed Training Program and how you can shave seconds off your 40 with this speed program.

Pro Agility Test

The Pro Agility Shuttle Test is additionally merely referred to as the 20-Yard Short Shuttle.

The purpose of testing the Pro Agility Test is to gauge the quickness and change-of-direction ability of players by scouts.

3 Cone Drill

The 3-Cone Drill is additionally merely referred to as the L Drill.

The purpose of testing the 3-Cone Drill is to gauge players’ quickness and change-of-direction ability. 

Vertical Jump

The Vertical Jump test is raising one’s center of mass to explode and jump as far as possible from a stand-still position. 

It measures how high a football player will elevate off the bottom (jump) from a stand-still position.

The purpose of testing the Vertical Jump is to assess athletes’ muscular strength and anaerobic power.

Broad Jump

The Broad Jump raises one’s center of mass higher and farther in an attempt to explode and jump as far as possible from a stand-still position.  

The purpose of testing the Broad Jump is to measure and compare a football player’s speed, strength, and power.

Concluding The Best Football Camps For High Schoolers To Get Exposure
d1 college football camps

There are a lot of football camps you can choose from. As a football player, you need to set goals and research which college football programs will fit you.

If you need more tips on maximizing your exposure for recruiting, you can read some of our latest posts on “ How Football Recruiting Camps Can Help You Get A Scholarship” and “ College Football Recruiting – How To Get Recruited“.

Suppose you’re a serious football player looking to play at the next level. You can access our sports performance training programs, football drills, and workouts, and the Gridiron Recruiting Center inside “The Gridiron Academy” to help you with your football recruiting.

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