How To Talk To College Football Coaches

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As you begin the college football recruiting process, you’re going to have to talk to coaches. I know it may be nerve racking to talk to coaches. You may wonder how to start talking to college coaches or what to say to college football coaches.

Of course, you always want to be yourself and have a natural conversation with the football coach that is recruiting you. I want to let you know that coaches go through the recruiting process year after year, so they understand how nervous it can be for you to talk with them.

With that being said, we want to prepare you for success when talking to college football coaches by giving you a checklist of yes’s and no’s when talking to college football coaches. 

How To Talk To College Football Coaches
What To Do And Not Do

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How To Start Talking To College Coaches
What To Do

College football coaches are older than you of course. You want to speak to the coaches avoiding slang as much as possible. If you’re messaging back and forth with a coach on social media, try and avoid abbreviations and send your messages in complete sentences.

It may be easier to type out “hbu”, but when you’re talking to a college football coach, take the time to write out “how about yourself, coach”.

Remember, talking to coaches is not like talking to your friends. Always think that talking to coaches is like you preparing yourself for a job interview. 

What To Say To College Football Coaches
What To Do

Show your appreciation to the college football coach who is taking the time out to speak with you and recruit you. Be sure to use phrases like thank you for time today coach.

If you’re in the beginning stages of chatting with the coach, use phrases like: “Please, let me know if there is anything you need from me” and “Thank you so much coach”.

By showing your appreciation and gratitude to the coach will go a long way by showing what type of character you have.

How To Talk To College Football Coaches
What To Do

Utilize an email signature to conclude all of your emails. To add an email signature to your email, you can go into your settings of your email provider and create one.

Make sure you include your name, high school and grad year, and a link to your highlight film. If you neglect to add these details at the end of your email, you may be passed up from the coaches. They have no idea who you are and they are already recruiting hundreds of athletes and don’t have time to guess who you may be. 

How To Start Talking To College Coaches
What Not To Do

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Never tell the coach what to do. If you’re on the phone or messaging the coach over social media, don’t tell him to go look you up on rivals to see your profile.

You need to provide the coach with all of your information, details, and anything else they want in order to consider recruiting you to their school.

Create a player profile for yourself that includes your stats, highlight film, attributes, GPA, and anything else of value that will help your recruiting chances.

Remember, the college football coaches don’t work for you and they are busy recruiting hundreds of athletes from around the country. You want to show the college football coaches that you’re serious about playing college football and you’re fully prepared to provide them with anything they need in order to evaluate you. 

What To Say To College Football Coaches
What Not To Do

Don’t use your phone to randomly call or text the coach. The football coach that is recruiting you is busy with practice, their current players, recruiting, and family. You want to respect their time and space.

I know you may be eager to reach out if you haven’t heard from them in a while. If it’s been a long time, shoot a friendly email or social media message updating the coach on new news that may be of value to them to know.

Until you established a relationship with the coach where he initiated and told you that you can reach out whenever, then by all means do so. Until then, be patient and focus on what you can control without being too overzealous.

How To Talk To College Football Coaches
What Not To Do

Don’t make it all about you. You want to show the football coach that you’re interested in their football program.

Ask questions about their academics, campus life, and anything else that’s important to you when deciding what is the best college fit for you.

Be natural when asking your questions, don’t make it sound like you’re reading off a script. Really take the time to write out and think about what are the deciding factors for you when deciding on a college to attend.

Final Tips On How To Talk To College Football Coaches

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Always remain humble, on top of your grades, and engaging within the conversation so coaches can keep you on their radar as someone who is personable, on top of your grades, and serious about playing college football.

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