get recruited for college football

Can You Lose Athletic Scholarships?

Written By: Gridiron Elite Training

get recruited for college football

Can You Lose Athletic Scholarships?

Written By: Gridiron Elite Training

Have you ever wondered why coaches will offer a college football scholarship to certain players over others? 

Even worse is seeing an athlete get a scholarship offer, although you two are at the same talent level on the football field. 


Can You Lose Athletic Scholarships?
Don't Lose Your College Football Scholarship

There are around 1.1 million football players in high school (just in the U.S.) And about 71,000 (right around 6.5%) of those football players will play at the college level.

So picture it like this. You’re lined up at a camp with 100 other high school football players. Out of the 100 players there, only 6-7 of you will play at the college level. That means 93-94 of the rest will not be able to play at the college level. And remember, the chances of receiving a full athletic scholarship are even slimmer than that!

Yes, You Can Lose Your College Football Scholarship

This means you need to do everything in your power to earn a scholarship and do everything not to hinder your chances of receiving a full scholarship to play in college.

Then, if you get offered, are college football scholarships guaranteed? I want to break down some situations where you can lose your college football scholarship.

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You Become Ineligible

If you become ineligible or your grades slip, this can be another reason a coach will take your scholarship away from you. As mentioned before, coaches want athletes that succeed on and off the field. Your grades reflect your work ethic.

We dive into the importance of grades in this post.

If you need help with your grades, speak with your guidance counselor or teachers to see if there’s a way you can get help with tutoring to get your academics up to become eligible.

You’re Not Being Proactive

No coach will offer you a scholarship if they don’t even know about you. With the amount of high school football players out there, college coaches don’t have the time to recruit every single player.

That’s why we can’t emphasize the importance of being proactive and contacting the coaches first

If you will not be proactive and reach out to the coaches yourself, then that coach may never know about you. College football coaches have gone on record, saying they look for recruits who put themselves out there and show interest in their program.


As an athlete being recruited to play at the next level, you need to carry yourself differently from everyone else. You don’t want to be put in any situation that can hinder your chances of receiving a scholarship.

This means you need to rethink the crowd you surround yourself with. If they are currently causing trouble, you need to lose that crowd and surround yourself with others who have the same goals in mind as you. If you’re the one who is a class clown, you need to re-evaluate yourself to be on your absolute best behavior.

College coaches will ask teachers and your coaches how you are in the classroom. They will ask other students how you are as well. If they know you as someone who gets in a lot of trouble, coaches will note that, and that can hinder your opportunity to receive a scholarship.

What You Can Do To Keep Your College Football Scholarship
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When it comes down to it, there’s only so much you can do with receiving a scholarship. The final decisions always come down to the coaching staff and the school’s athletic department.

With that being said, there are a few things you can do to maximize your odds of getting a scholarship.

Follow all the rules from your school. That means keeping your grades up, showing up in class, and staying out of trouble.

Work your butt off. You need to constantly work on your craft at your position and your athletic ability. If you continually work to improve, coaches will see the improvements in film and your growth year after year.

Do everything you can to keep the scholarships you earned, not get any reason for a coach to take away what you’ve worked for.

If you need more tips on how to maximize your chances of getting a college football scholarship, you can read some of our latest posts on “How To Get Scouted For Football Using Social Media” and “How To Talk To College Football Coaches: What To Do And Not Do.”

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