Football Workouts – Strength and Conditioning For Football

football strength and conditioning workout routine

Football strength and conditioning programs are designed to prepare athletes on the field for success. 

It is extremely important for football players to have detailed strength and conditioning program.

There is a saying: “A good athlete is a healthy athlete.” This is true.

Football Workouts - Strength and Conditioning For Football

Even though you are the best athlete in the world, if you’re not able to stay healthy enough to play, you’re going to be little to no value to your team.

A solid strength and conditioning program for football will help prevent injuries for the long and grueling season ahead.

With our athletes, the objectives of our football off season program vary from athlete to athlete.

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Goals For Strength and Conditioning Football Workouts

The overall objective we want to accomplish is stability, strength, speed, and conditioning.  

Stability is important to correct muscle imbalances that can lead to injuries sustained during the season. This will allow building a good foundation for heavy lifting and advanced exercises.

Strength is important to allow football players to gain size that allows you to compete safely. Strength training prepares you to take on constant contact on the field.

Speed is important to give football players an advantage over your opponent on game day. We focus heavily on developing our athletes’ speed and acceleration to prepare them for success.

Conditioning is the last and final phase in our football strength and conditioning program. This phase will be challenging, yet effective, in getting our guys in the best shape possible right before the season.

Off Season Football Strength and Conditioning Workout Examples

Below is an example of what a workout would look like for each of the 4 phases.

Stability Training Workout
Gridiron Parent Workout Routine

Iso-Metric Resistance Band Hold 3x12sec each leg

Pistol Squat 3×10 each leg

Bulgarian Split Squat 3×10 each leg

RDL Single Leg 3×10 each leg

Tennis Ball Toss Balance on Bosu Ball Single Leg 3x30sec each leg

Calf Raise Single Leg 3×12 each leg

Physioball Pikes 3×15

Plank Elbow to Knee 3×10 each

Strength Training Workout
d1 college football strength and conditioning workouts

Dynamic Strength Warm Up

Hang Cleans 4×4 (80% Max)

Med Ball Slams 3×12

Front Squat 3×5 (80% Max) Superset Box Jumps 3×5

Barbell RDL 3×10

Barbell Glute Bridge 3×10

Step Ups 3×8 each leg

Plank Hold 3x1min

Side Plank Hold 3×1 min each

Speed Phase Workout
Advanced Speed & Agility Training Program

Dynamic Warm Up

Speed Development Drills

Resistance Band Scissor Kicks 3x10sec

Resistance Band Wide Outs 3x10sec

Single Leg Bounding 4×20 Yards

Cone Shuffle Sprints 4×10 Yards

Lateral Kneeling Start to Sprint 4×20 Yards

Decelerated Sprints 4×20 Yards

Flying 40s 3 total

Runners Crunch 3×20 each

Single Leg V-Ups 3×15 each

Conditioning Training Workout
football offseason conditioning program

Dynamic Warmup

Weighted Prowler Pushes 16x 7 second pushes. (4 quarters)

Push prowler for 7 seconds then rest for 40 seconds and repeat 4 total times.

Rest 2 minutes and repeat 2nd quarter for 7 second pushes and resting for 40 seconds in between each set.

Plank Tap Circuit 3×10 rounds through

Football Strength and Conditioning Programs

When it comes to a football strength and conditioning program, you want to train in phases leading up to the season. Above are some of the workouts we use with our athletes to prepare them for the upcoming football season.

If you need more workouts to do for your strength and conditioning training, you can read some of our latest posts on the “Strength Training Exercises For Football Players” and “Core Stability Exercises For Athletes“.

If you’re a serious football player looking to play football at the next level, you can access all of our sports performance training programs, football drills and workouts, and the Gridiron Recruiting Center inside “The Gridiron Academy” to help you with your football recruiting.

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