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Football players need to be fast and explosive on the field. Core strengthening exercises for football players will strengthen your abs, hip flexors, and back muscles. To be able to sprint fast, stop on a dime, and change directions efficiently, football players must develop a strong core. When it comes to core exercises, too much focus is placed on the abs and not enough on the back muscles and hip flexors, which are important for developing strength and stability.

Your core is the driving force behind every movement you do on the field. All football players need to run and change direction quickly on the field and this begins in your core and hips.  It’s critical to have a strong core and explosive hip rotation because this will allow you to hit harder and run faster. Also, your core controls balance, stability, and speed in all the other areas of your body. 

It’s our goal at Gridiron Elite Training to help you get stronger, more explosive, and feel confident going into the season. Check out “The Gridiron Academy that includes core strengthening and hip flexor workouts to help you maximize your overall athletic performance. If you’re looking for medicine balls to perform these core exercises, you can check out the full list of recommended medicine balls here.

best core exercises and workout for american football players

Core Stability Exercises For Football Players - Core Training

As I talk to the most successful athletes, they build their athletic success on being fast and quick. The best athletes are in control of their bodies in order to generate explosive power. Some athletes may think speed and agility are developed only from their legs. They will only run sprints, perform squats, or lunge jumps. Speed and agility comes from having a strong core and hip flexors. 

Football players need to be able to train their bodies to react quickly and develop strength, in other words, reactive strength. Everything all starts with the core. A strong core sets the foundation that can increase your range of motion and increase your numbers on all your other lifts, like your squat and bench press. The top trainers and coaches understand that core work is important and they will incorporate their training to center around core strengthening exercises. 

No matter if you’re a beginner to training or an experienced athlete, and no matter what position you play, core strength exercises like these can keep the abs, hip flexors, and back muscles strong and responsive.

Here are 10 core strengthening exercises for football players that will strengthen your abs, hip flexors, and back muscles. Also, these exercises will improve your stability and balance so you can move faster and more efficiently when stepping foot on the field.

Core Stability Exercises

Hanging Windshield Wipers
3x10 each

Physioball Pike

Plank Stability Knee Tuck

V-Up Single Leg
3x15 each

Renegade Row
3x10 each

Rolling Side Plank
3x10 each

Med Ball Rotational Throws
3x10 each

Modified Bird Dog
3x10 each

Plank Step Ups

Med Ball Overhead Throws

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There’s a lot of exercises you can do to strengthen your core to help improve your speed, stability, and balance. Remember, you’re laying the foundation with your entire body by strengthening your core and hip flexor muscles.

If you need more workouts to do for your speed and agility training, you can read some of our latest posts on the “Strength Training Workout For Football Players” and “At Home Speed Workouts For Football“.

If you’re a serious football player looking to play football at the next level, you can access all of our sports performance training programs, football drills and workouts, and the Gridiron Recruiting Center inside “The Gridiron Academy” to help you with your football recruiting.

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