Speed and Agility Training Workout For Football

how can i improve my 40 yard dash sprint speed

Are you looking for agility training drills for football in order to increase your speed and agility this off-season?

It’s natural you’re going to hit a time when you struggle to drop your combine numbers.

Speed and Agility Training Workout For Football

agility training tips for american football athletes

In this guide, you’re going to find 7 football drills to increase your speed and agility to help elevate your play on the field.

If you want more exercises for speed or agility to incorporate in your speed and agility training, you can register for our free speed and agility workout series below.

7 Agility Training Drills For Your Next Agility Workout

T Drill

The “T Drill” is one of the top football drills to increase speed and agility. This football drill requires 4 cones, with a series of complete changes of direction. 

Perform 4 sets (2 each direction x 4 cones spaced 5 yards apart).

Click the link below to watch a video demonstration of the agility drill “T-Drill”

Run Shuffle Run

In football, the ability to transition in and out of a lateral shuffle is very important.  The “Run Shuffle Run” football drill works great on reaction and quick change of speed by getting out of the run shuffle run position quickly.

Perform 4 sets x 20 yards (2 each direction x 4 cones spaced 5 yards apart).

Click the link below to watch a video demonstration of the agility drill: “Run Shuffle Run Drill”

Single Leg Speed Line Jumps

Done quickly, the “Single Leg Speed Line Jumps” is an excellent foot speed drill to increase foot speed, agility, coordination, and is an excellent drill for football players to improve footwork. 

Perform 4 x 10 seconds (2 sets each leg).

Flying 40s

This speed training drill is great for unlocking your maximum speed and then maintaining it.

Place a cone at the start, 20 yard, 40 yard, and 60 yard mark. Sprint hard to the first cone and maintain speed until you hit the 40 yard cone, then slowly decelerate for the next 20 yards coming to a complete stop.

When done correctly, the “Flying 40s” is a great football drill to increase max speed and maintaining it.

Perform 3 sets.

Mountain Climber to Sprint

Perform mountain climbers into 10 to 20-yard sprints to increase acceleration.


Performing “Mountain Climbers to Sprint” with Resistance Bands will help you develop power in the lower body!

Perform 4 x 20 yard sprints

Single Leg Bounding

This is an advanced speed training drill and is great for building strength and speed in your lower body. 

Perform by jumping off one leg. You want to jump as far as you can off that single leg.

When you land, land on your same foot and drive off that leg as quick and explosive as possible.

The less time you can spend on the ground and the more power you can create, the better the speed training drill is going to be for maximum results.

Perform 4 x 20 yards (2 sets each leg)

Cone Shuffle Sprint With Resistance Band

In football, the ability to transition in and out of your break is very important. The cone shuffle sprint drill will help teach your body to constantly keep your feet moving and accelerate quickly out of your break. 

Perform shuffling around the cone as quickly as possible.
Stay as tight to the cone as possible when shuffling around the cone.

As you approach the last cone, keep your feet moving, and explode out into a 10-yard sprint.

This speed and agility drill is great for developing acceleration, change of direction, and forward and backward movements. 

Be sure to use a resistance band for the added challenge.

Perform 4 x 10 yard sprints (2 each direction).

What is Agility?
Speed and Agility Cone Drills

Agility is the ability to change the direction of the body, but with the mix of speed, strength, coordination, and balance. Adding football drills to increase speed and agility is crucial for all football players in the offseason.

An athlete that has great agility is one with the ability to change their body’s position precisely. Along with the combination of isolated movement skills adopting a combination of speed, balance, coordination, strength, reflexes, and endurance. Agility is a skill that requires the body to change direction in a precise and direct manner. Adding speed and agility drills to your training will increase your pro agility shuttle time.

Why Is Agility Training Important For Football?
Speed Ladder Workout Drill

Football players need to be able to have the ability to change direction fast to take advantage of the game. Let’s say if a football player is covering a wide receiver man-to-man downfield, or being within the open field with a running back, it’s essential to maintain your balance so you can make a play for your team.

Touchdowns! Scoring a touchdown isn’t simple. Offensive players need to score points for their team and they need agility to change direction quickly. On the other side of the ball, defensive players need agility to keep up with the movement of the player that is trying to score.

An Offensive Lineman needs agility to make a pulling block on the defenders, but a Defensive Lineman needs agility to react to the play to prevent the offensive player from scoring a touchdown. This is why ALL football players must perform football drills to increase speed and agility.

Football is played at great speed and agility, so you need to train speed and agility to adapt to the game. At those speeds, twists and turns throw you off balance, but agility helps you to regain balance and make it seem like you never lost it. The more football drills to increase speed and agility, the more prepared you will be come game day.

If you’re still wondering for more speed and agility workouts to add into your training, you can read some of our latest posts on the “Speed and Agility Hurdle Drills” and “ Football Combine Drills“.

If you’re a serious football player looking to play football at the next level, you can access all of our sports performance training programs, football drills and workouts, and the Gridiron Recruiting Center inside “The Gridiron Academy” to help you with your football recruiting.

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