For all athletes, especially in football, speed and agility is the foundation for sports performance training.

In football, you’re going to be moving and reacting on every single play. That’s why incorporating speed and agility cone drills into your workouts is extremely important. 

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Best Speed and Agility Cone Drills For Football

The main factor in increasing your speed is to know how your muscles work in your body. Your muscles in your upper and lower body need to be strong enough to push your body forward during your sprint.

That extra push in increasing your speed and agility is accomplished by incorporating speed and agility drills into your workouts.

As an athlete, of course you want to sprint faster, and that’s why you’re here to find new drills to add into your workouts to help build your speed.

Main Factor In Increasing Your Speed and Agility With Football Cone Drills

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Not only do athletes, especially football players, need to sprint fast, but they also need to change direction quickly.

How many times in a football game do you see athletes running in a straight line for a long period of time? It doesn’t happen. Every play consists of a change of direction and reacting to the play. 

Running backs need to be able to stop on the dime quickly and react to the defenders coming toward them to make a play. Offensive lineman need to move down the line quickly on a trap play. Linebackers need to be fast moving laterally and react to the movement of the ball carrier. Wide receivers need to be quick coming out of their breaks on routes. Defensive backs need to react to the man they’re covering on pass plays. 

I think you get the point. Football is a game of speed and agility. That’s why it’s important for you to incorporate agility drills if you want to be a playmaker for your team. 

If you want to improve your speed and agility, then you want to dial in on drills that are beneficial to the position you play. Defensive backs will do speed and agility cone drills different from defensive lineman, and wide receivers will do speed and agility cone drills different from offensive lineman.

Speed And Agility Cone Drills For All Athletes

With that being said, below are some of the best speed and agility cone drills that can be used for all athletes, regardless of position, so you can improve your speed and agility.

4 Star Drill - 3x10 Seconds

Lateral Run 5 Yards To Turn and Sprint - 2 Sets Each Direction

Sprint To Deceleration Backpedal To Sprint - 4 Sets

3-10-5 Drill - 2 Sets Each Direction

Shuffle Slalom Weave To Cone Shuffle - 2 Sets Each Direction

T Drill - 2 Sets Each Direction

Box Drill Open 45 Break Downhill - 2 Sets Each Direction

Foot Fire Moving Lateral - 2 Sets Each Direction

Foot Fire Moving Linear - 2 Sets Each Direction

Cone Shuffle Sprint Drill - 2 Sets Each Direction

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Here are some of the best speed and agility cone drills for football.

If you need more workouts to do for your speed training workouts, you can read some of our latest posts on the “Speed and Agility Hurdle Drills” and “Agility Exercises For Football“.

If you’re a serious football player looking to play football at the next level, you can access all of our sports performance training programs, football drills and workouts, and the Gridiron Recruiting Center inside “The Gridiron Academy” to help you with your football recruiting.

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