Resistance Band Exercises For Mobility For Football Players

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To help you get ready for your upcoming season for football, you need to train hard and smart.

Your workouts need to include strength and conditioning, speed and agility training, active recovery, explosive plyometrics, flexibility and mobility. 

Best Resistance Band Exercises For Football Players

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We want to help you and provide you with all of the training you would need in order to be successful on the gridiron.

In this article, we’re going to cover some of the best resistance exercises for football players so you’re ready to dominate on the football field. 

If you’re looking for resistance bands yourself, be sure to check out a list of Resistance Bands and one of our latest articles: Best Resistance Bands For Hip Mobility.

Let’s go over why resistance bands are beneficial and important for your football training.

Why Resistance Band Exercises Are Important For Football Training

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1. Resistance bands are great to help speed up your recovery time from injury.

If you’ve gotten hurt or have an injury, resistance bands are the go to for athletes that are going through rehab.

The reason resistance bands are used in rehab for sports related injuries is because resistance bands don’t apply pressure like weight training will.

Resistance bands will help keep your muscles and joints safe.

2. Resistance bands protect your joints and bones.

Resistance bands will provide you with extra resistance when training and will improve the benefits of the strength exercises you’re focusing on to help jump start the strengthening of your bones.

By utilizing resistance bands into your works can help lower the impact of the drills you’re working on, providing less stress on your joints.

3. Great for flexibility and mobility.

Resistance bands are great to use for stretching and loosening up your hips and anywhere you might feel stiff.

You can use resistance bands to stretch your muscles after your workout as a cool down or prior to your workout for activation.

Using resistance bands will help elongate your muscles and help release any tension you may have.

Resistance Band Shuffle Walks - 2x10 Yards Each Direction

Resistance Band Step Backwards - 2x10 Each Side

Resistance Band Step To Side - 2x10 Each Side

Resistance Band Hip Clam Opens - 2x10 Each Side

Resistance Band Squat Jack - 2x10

Resistance Squat Jack Twist - 2x5 Each Direction

Resistance Band Walking Hip Opens - 2x5 Yards (Forward & Back)

Resistance Band Single Arm Row - 2x10 Each Side

Resistance Band Ball To Press - 2x10 Each Side

Resistance Band Rotational Chops - 2x10 Each Side

Gridiron Football Training Programs

Here are the the some of the best resistance band exercises for football players.

If you need more resistance band exercises to do for your speed and agility training, you can read some of our latest posts on the “Resistance Bands Speed Training Workout” and “Resistance Band Workout Routine For Beginners“.

If you’re a serious football player looking to play football at the next level, you can access all of our sports performance training programs, football drills and workouts, and the Gridiron Recruiting Center inside “The Gridiron Academy” to help you with your football recruiting.

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