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Agility Training Program

Is Improving Your Agility & Change of Direction Important To You?

Discover The Ultimate Step-By-Step Proven System For Drastically Improving Your Lateral Change of Direction, Coordination, Balance, and Multi-Directional Speed

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Why A Good Agility Training Program Is Important For Football?

Football players need to be able to have the ability to change direction fast to take advantage of the game. Let’s say if a football player is covering a wide receiver man-to-man downfield, or being within the open field with a running back, it’s essential to maintain your balance so you can make a play for your team.

Touchdowns! Scoring a touchdown isn’t simple. Offensive players need to score points for their team and they need agility to change direction quickly. On the other side of the ball, defensive players need agility to keep up with the movement of the player that is trying to score.

An Offensive Lineman needs agility to make a pulling block on the defenders, but a Defensive Lineman needs agility to react to the play to prevent the offensive player from scoring a touchdown. This is why ALL football players must perform football drills to increase speed and agility.

Football is played at great speed and agility, so you need to train speed and agility to adapt to the game. At those speeds, twists and turns throw you off balance, but agility helps you to regain balance and make it seem like you never lost it. The more football drills you do to increase your speed and agility, the more prepared you will be come game day.

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Agility Training Program

3 Main Components

Change of Direction

Foot Speed

Balance & Coordination

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