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General Questions

Yes, this training is for everyone, including you, if you’re an athlete who has made the decision to put yourself first and want to see long-term results. There are no shortcuts in reaching the next level in your athletic journey. We provide you with all of the tools, resources, and motivation that you can use for long-term success

No you do not. We added home workouts for speed, agility, explosiveness, and strength so you can still get work in without any equipment. Our strength programs will require you to have access to weights. For our sports performance programs, we recommend having resistance bands and cones (or something to set as a marker for speed and agility) for best results.

There are a variety of factors that will affect what kind of results you will get. Everyone’s body is different and will respond differently to the training. With that being said, if you fully commit to putting in the work we provide you, you set goals, and you continuously make the effort with the training, you WILL see results fast.

We want to see you succeed and we sincerely care about all of our athletes and want every athlete that joins the Gridiron Academy family to reach that next level. The results you will get are endless if you put in the work! Expect the same results you would get as if you were training with a personal trainer in person.

You can also check out the testimonials here to see the direct positive feedback our athletes give us on a consistent basis. Our athletes have seen huge improvements in their 40-yard dash times, 5-10-5 time, vertical and broad jump, and overall strength in the weight room while feeling lighter on their feet and recovering faster than ever!

We take much of the value we provide to our 1-on-1 and group athletes we meet with in person and package them up for the rest of the Gridiron community community to benefit from that may not live close to where we train. 

We wanted to help football players of all levels around the world and provide you with training workouts, recruiting resources, nutrition, and mindset training you need in order to be successful. That’s why we are offering a one stop shop for everything you need as a football player in order to reach that next level. We do this because we didn’t have the resources when we were playing and wanted to give back to help you improve your game on the field. 

Yes you can still do this training. All we ask is that depending on what your injury was, that you consult with your doctor first to make sure it’s okay to start back into sports performance training.

If you have a sore back or sore legs, the exercises you will be doing inside the Academy will help strengthen and improve the muscles and joints around the soreness you have.

I recommend going through the hip mobility, foam rolling, and PNF stretching exercises inside the Gridiron Academy to help loosen you up.


Services Info

Our workouts are geared toward increasing fast-twitch muscle fiber recruitment, knee drive, horizontal, vertical, and multi-directional speed, and explosiveness. We focus on improving your core strength, while incorporating development and technique drills to master your technique. Our exercises help train your range of motion around your joints to allow you to move as efficiently as possible.

We are there for you. Unlike the majority of online trainers nowadays that leave you in the dark and you never hear back from them after you purchase their training, we are hands-on and there for you to help with any modifications to the workouts.

Inside The Gridiron Academy, you have a variety of sports performance programs to choose from to help you increase your speed, agility, explosiveness, strength, and power.

Featured Programs Include:

  • Flash Speed Training Program
  • Quicksilver Agility Training Program
  • Thor Plyometrics Program
  • Hercules Strength Program
  • Wonder Woman Strength Program
  • Superman Conditioning Program
  • Spartan Youth Beginner Speed & Agility Program
  • Spartan Youth Intermediate Speed & Agility Program
  • High School Explosive Speed and Agility Training Program
  • High School Strength & Conditioning Program
  • College Strength & Conditioning Program
  • College Explosive Speed and Agility Training Program
  • Home Workout Program Vol. 1.0
  • Hip Mobility Routines
  • PNF Stretching Routines
  • Roll Out Routine
  • Parent Workout Programs
  • Speed Ladder Series

You can see a tutorial what it’s like inside the Gridiron Academy here: View Sports Performance Programs

Inside The Gridiron Academy, we want you to get better when it comes time for the game. You will get access to football specific strength, speed, and explosive programs for all levels. Also, we provide you with football drills for your position so you can master your technique and get better at your position on the gridiron.

Featured Programs Include:

  • Football Position Specific Speed & Strength Training Programs
  • Quarterback Training Program
  • Running Back Training Program
  • Wide Receiver Training Program
  • Tight End Training Program
  • Offensive Lineman Training Program
  • Defensive Lineman Training Program
  • Linebacker Training Program
  • Defensive Back Training Program

You can see a tutorial what it’s like inside the Gridiron Academy here: View Football Training Programs

Yes we do. We provide you with dozens of sports nutrition resources, the Gridiron Sports Nutrition Ebooks, meal timing, sample foods and meals to eat, snack lists, and more!

You won’t get a specific structured nutrition plan custom to you inside The Gridiron Academy, but you will at least get an idea of what you should be eating to fuel your body in order to increase muscle, energy levels, reduce injury, and recover faster.

If you would like a custom nutrition plan made for you, you can opt in once you become a member of the Academy.

You can see a tutorial what it’s like inside the Gridiron Academy here: View Gridiron Nutrition

Yes, but for our Gold Members only. For football coaches, the recruiting process is like a funnel. There are many moving parts in the recruiting process and all coaches recruit players differently. Learn this concept so you can understand how it all works so you can maximize your chances of getting a scholarship or contract professionally to play at the next level.

Featured Tools Include:

  • College Football Coaches Database
  • College Football Recruiting Webinar
  • Social Media To Increase Exposure
  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Information
  • Recruiting 101
  • The Recruiting Funnel
  • Highlight Film Mastery
  • What Coaches Look For In Highlight Films
  • Football Coaching Toolkit
  • Stand Out Immediately At Any Camp/Combine
  • How To Contact College Coaches
  • Reasons Coaches Won’t Give You A Scholarship
  • Importance Of Academics
  • Using Social Media To Gain Exposure

You can see a tutorial what it’s like inside the Gridiron Academy here: View Football Recruiting Tools

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Getting Started

After you complete your purchase and become a member of the Gridiron Academy, you will be brought right into your membership dashboard and you will receive a confirmation email right away with your very own username and password upon signing up.

We recommend changing your password upon your first log in to something you can remember easily. You will be given access to your very own membership dashboard.

If you completed your purchase and didn’t receive a confirmation right away, don’t panic!

Make sure you checked your promotions folder, your updates folder, and your spam folder. If it ended up in any of these folders, please make sure to add our email to your contacts and approved list so you don’t miss out on any updates, promotions, and bonus content we give only to our Elite and Gold members. If you checked and still haven’t received an email within 5 minutes, then please contact us here.

If at any point you need help with your membership such as upgrading, downgrading, or cancellation requests, you can reach out to us in a variety of ways.

Email Support: For email support, you will see a link to the support email at the top of your membership dashboard.

Social Media: You will also have the option to reach out to us over social media on any of our channels on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Live Chat: You will see a live chat support icon in your membership dashboard that you can reach out to for the quickest responses.

Our support will be available Monday-Friday from 6:00 AM (PST) to 6:00 PM (PST) and Saturday-Sunday 8:00 (PST) to 3:00 (PST)

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time as a free or monthly paid member. If you are a yearly member, you can cancel at any point before your one-year renewal.

All you need to do is log in to your account, head over to your subscription and cancel. You are not locked in for 3, 6, or 9 months if you choose the month-to-month option.

If you know when you want to cancel, make sure you cancel before your next billing cycle to avoid being charged that upcoming month.

Yes, on top of the 7-day free trial period we offer you, we fully believe in our training programs and stand by our services.

We are so confident that all of the training programs and resources we provide you inside “The Gridiron Academy” has the power to change your life… that we’re offering you a 30-day Guarantee.

If you are not satisfied for any reason, just go ahead and send us a message and let us know why. All we ask is that you have signed into your account and completed at least 8 workouts within the first 30 days to show us you made the effort in doing the training. If you’re still not seeing results or not satisfied, after 30 days and 8 workouts have been completed, then we will refund your money and you can still access the free workouts until you wish to come back.

The Gridiron Academy is mobile-friendly and can be accessed by any phone device and can be translated to any language to help you understand in your own native language.

Inside your member dashboard, you can view the training programs, access the training videos, and have 24-hour access to your programs. You will also have access to exclusive bonus resources and tools only our paid members receive.

We recommend bookmarking the sign in URL on your computer and phone. On your phone, you can bookmark your sign in URL and save it to your home screen so you can access your programs easily.

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