College Football Recruiting | How To Get Recruited

College Football Recruiting | How To Get Recruited For Football

Many high school football players are lost when it comes to college football recruiting. As a high school football player, it may be your dream to play college football. You care about your academic and athletic future. Earning a football scholarship can be one of the most exciting days of your life. 

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We want to personally thank Jamin Elliott (Super Bowl Champion and NFL Recruiting Scout) for providing this valuable information to help football players get recruited. This information will help guide you through the recruiting process.

I’m pretty confident that you are reading this because you are an athlete that wants to play college football and is looking for football recruiting help (or a parent of an athlete that is looking to play college football).

Gridiron Elite Training and Jamin Elliott have a passion for helping kids live out their dreams of playing college football and receive a college degree to better their lives. 

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Jamin Elliott: Webinar Presenter

College Football Recruiting Rankings

“In 2018, there were 1,057,382 high school football players in the nation. Only 6.9% of high school football players earned a football scholarship. Out of the 6.9%, only 2.7% were Division 1 scholarships.” –

According to, Alabama topped the recruiting charts with 27 commits. They had 3 “5 Star” recruits and 23 “4 Star” recruits. Second on the football recruiting rankings was Georgia, Texas, Texas A&M, and LSU. 

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I want you to understand that recruiting is not all about going to the biggest school or power conference school. If you can play and if you’re good enough, there is a place out there for you.

It’s all about finding the school that fits your athletic ability, academic ability, and fits you socially.

And if you only lock-in to only BIG D1 schools, you will miss a big opportunity to connect with other schools that are willing to give you money and may be a better fit for you.

College Football Recruiting Tips

We asked Jamin Elliott to give us his top tips all athletes must know if they want to start getting recruited for football.

Jamin says, “Evaluation and watch lists start early! Do not wait until your junior year to get serious. The later you wait, the lower on the coaches prospect list you are and the less likely you will receive an offer.

Also, Jamin says “it is important to immediately branch within the NCAA that certifies whether you are academically eligible to compete in NCAA D1 or D2 athletics”.

You can do that here:

Finally, Jamin said, “Remember, it is NOT your coaches responsibility to get you to college. It’s yours. There’s nothing in his job description that says he has to help you get to college.”

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