Shoulder Pads football

Best Football Shoulder Pads

Written By: Gridiron Elite Training

Shoulder Pads football

Best Football Shoulder Pads

Written By: Gridiron Elite Training

Best Football Shoulder Pads For Football Players

Football has continued to change overtime. Back in the 80s and 90s, football players wore large shoulder pads. 

Nowadays, you see football players wearing smaller and more compact shoulder pads. 

Coaches want football players that are fast, change direction quickly, while being explosive and delivering big hits. 

That’s why companies have designed shoulder pads to still maintain safety and protection from injuries, while reducing the size of the shoulder pads to be more comfortable to wear by athletes. 

Depending what position you play on the football field, take a look at the shoulder pads above to see which is the best fit for you, your position, and body type. 

You can visit all of our recommended football shoulder pads here.

The Best Football Shoulder Pads For Sale

CHAMPRO Youth Scorpion Shoulder Pad, Black, Blue, Under 40 lbs (FSP5)
  • DURABLE: Cantilever design disperses impact and shock, maintaining the pad’s shape and structural integrity. High impact polyethylene construction increases the arches’ strength and durability.
  • SECURE FIT: Sliding 1-inch wide elastic straps offer easy adjustment of the pad’s tightness for a comfortable fit. Players will feel secure with pads that conform to their chest and also allow freedom of breath and movement.
  • EASY UNHOOKING: The easy release system helps players unhook the straps, so they can get the pads on and off without assistance.
Schutt XV7 Shoulder Pads, QB/WR, Football, Black, Small
  • Ideal for quarterback and wide receiver athletes with an equipped back attachment plate and smaller arch cut for added flexibility and protection
  • Swivel front connectors preferred by quarterbacks for increased range of motion
  • Next-level protection with Energy Lock redundant padding over multi-layer high density EVA body cushioning
Schutt Sports Varsity XV HD All Purpose Shoulder Pad, 3X-Large
  • High performance arch design to minimize weight
  • Raised corrugations for additional strength and increased air flow
  • Lightest varsity shoulder pads while maintaining high performance standards
Schutt Sports Varsity Flex 4.0 Skill Football Shoulder Pads, Football Gear and Accessories, Black, Small
  • Made to fit almost any player on the field; offers maximum protection and maximum performance
  • Ideal for: linebacker, fullback, defensive end, offensive & defensive line
  • Tackles heat and moisture
Xenith Element Hybrid Varsity Football Shoulder Pads for Adults - All Purpose Protective Gear (XX-Large)
  • ALL-PURPOSE COVERAGE: Hybrid is a balance of movement and coverage for the modern position-less player. If you're a defensive end, but often drop into coverage or an H-back tasked with blocking down on d-lineman and catching a wheel route down the sideline Element Hybrid was designed for you.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT PROTECTION: Xenith shoulder pads are designed for the committed athlete; lightweight and low profile allowing for a full range of motion without sacrificing protection.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Removable padding makes cleaning and maintenance simple.
CHAMPRO Gauntlet II Football Shoulder Pads, 3X-Large, Black
  • LOW-PROFILE DESIGN: Low-profile cantilever design creates a superior fit, with sleek arch plates that reduce weight and increase mobility.
  • IMPACT DIFFUSION: The impact diffusion system disperses impact on direct hits.
  • EXTENSIVE PADDING: Built-in deltoid pads and padded epaulets are designed to maximize cushioning.

*Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases, at no extra cost to you. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons on these football shoulder pads. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

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